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Fixed Price Listing

  • NFTs listed for fixed price can be cancelled anytime before purchased.
  • The listing will be cancelled once it's expired.
  • If the NFT listed is transferred to another address, the listing will be cancelled.

Listing for a Fixed Price

Follow our connecting wallet guide to connect your wallet before continue.

  1. After connecting your wallet, click your avatar in the top right corner and select My Items.

My items button

  1. Navigate to the NFT you want to sell, and click the Fixed price button.

Fixed price button

  1. A dialogue will appear where you can set a price, expiration time, and even the currency(Only ETH supported at the moment). Click the List button when you finished the settings.

Fixed price dialogue

  1. A two-step request will pop up, with Step 1: Approval and Step 2: Signature. The approval step is one-time only action for each collection, unless you revoke the approval later on.

Listing dialogue

  1. Once you've approved the collection, the request will automatically jump to Step 2 requesting for a signature. The listing will complete when you confirm the signature.