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About X2Y2


At X2Y2, we share a common goal: to create a truly decentralized NFT market that is owned by the community.

  • No private token sale - The liquidity bootstrapping comes directly from a public Initial Liquidity Offering and is locked permanently.
  • Share the market fees - 100% of market fees collected are distributed among X2Y2 stakers.
  • Inclusive airdrop - An airdrop that covers all OpenSea users who have traded before and never expires.

An NFT Market, But Better

X2Y2 is developed by a highly experienced team with industry-proven blockchain solutions. Our platform aims to overcome known issues with OpenSea and improve the trading experience through convenient features such as:

  • Bulk listing - List multiple NFTs in one transaction.
  • Batch purchasing - Buy multiple NFTs at once.
  • Real-time notification - Receive activity notifications and emails for your items.
  • Rarity integration - Browse NFT trait rarities without needing to install extensions.

Creator Economy

Creators are a critical part of the NFT ecosystem, and X2Y2 provides them with a complete set of tools to better serve their NFT whitelist minting and royalty management needs. Additionally, we provide real-time royalty payments at the point of sale.