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Offer on One NFT

Offers are sent from buyers who are willing to buy an NFT with a specified price. As the seller, you can either accept it or just ignore it.

  • Offers are paid in WETH.
  • Making an offer does not necessary move your money out of your wallet, until it's accepted by a seller.
  • Offers can be cancelled anytime before accepted.
  • Offers are set with an expiration time. The offer will be cancelled once the time is up.
  • When the NFT that received an offer is transferred to another address, the offer remains valid.

Make an Offer

To make an offer to an NFT, open the detail page of the NFT you are interested at. Click the blue Make offer button beside the Buy now, a dialogue will appear where you can fill in the offer price and expiration date.

Offer dialogue

Make sure you have enough amount of WETH in your wallet.

After you filled the price and expiration date, click the Make Offer button in the popup and your wallet will prompt to ask you to confirm a signature.

If this is your first time making offers, your wallet may prompt to approve WETH before the signature.