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Collection Offer

Collection Offer is an offer that applies to every item in a collection. If someone accepts your collection offer on one item, offers on all the other items will be cancelled.

  • Collection Offer are paid in WETH.
  • Making a collection offer does not necessary move your money out of your wallet, until it's accepted by a seller.
  • Collection offers can be cancelled anytime before accepted.
  • Collection offers are set with an expiration time. The offer will be cancelled once the time is up.

Making a Collection Offer

On every collection page, there is a large blue Make Collection Offer button besides the collection description.

Collection offer button

Click the button and a dialogue will appear where you can fill in the offer price and expiration date.

Collection offer dialogue

Make sure you have enough amount of WETH in your wallet.

Click the Offer to collection button in the popup and your wallet should prompt to ask you to confirm the signature.

If this is your first time making offers, your wallet may prompt to approve WETH before the signature.