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X2Y2 Operator Filter Subscription

X2Y2 provides a dedicated Operator Filter Subscription contractthat ensures the implementation of creator fees for all NFT smart contracts.

If your collection inherits DefaultOperatorFilterer, you can effortlessly switch to X2Y2's Filter Subscription by updating the filter subscription to 0xf73130664f9b0e69b64bda61486ca14c6561c935.

How to subscribe to the X2Y2 Filter Subscription

  1. Access the OperatorFilterRegistry contract on
  2. Look for the 5. subscribe (0xb314d414) method.
  3. Paste your NFT contract address as registrant and 0xf73130664f9b0e69b64bda61486ca14c6561c935 as newSubscription, click the Write button.
  4. Once the transaction is confirmed, your collection can fully benefit from royalty payment for every sale on the blockchain.🎉

Update OperatorFilterRegistry subscription