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Manage Your Collection

As the owner of a collection on X2Y2, you have the ability to change various aspects of your collection, such as its appearance and royalty settings. These include:

  • Collection name, description
  • URL slug (which can only be set once)
  • Logo and banner images
  • Social links
  • Royalty fee rate and payout address
  1. Updating royalty rates on X2Y2 is a process that occurs every 5 minutes. However, it may take up to 30 minutes for the system to update the royalty fee after it has been set up.
  2. After the royalty fee has been updated, new listings will generate royalty fees in real-time.
  3. If you set a higher fee rate on X2Y2 than on other platforms, the settings will be removed entirely.

How to Edit Your Collection

To edit your collection, follow these steps:

  1. Use the wallet that is the owner of your collection. You can confirm the owner address of any collections on Etherscan, under the Read Contract section of the collection contract address's page.

  2. Open the collection page on X2Y2, and you will see a blue Edit Collection link below the Make Collection Offer button. (Note that this link is only visible to the owner of the collection)

Edit Collection button

  1. Click the Edit Collection link, and your wallet should prompt you to confirm the signature. Once the signature is confirmed, the Edit page will be opened.