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Trading Rewards


The rewards ends at Feb 7, 2024.

Among the 650,000,000 of X2Y2 tokens dedicated to staking rewards, 449,930,000 are reserved for trading users.

Rewards Emission

Length (Days)X2Y2 Per BlockX2Y2 Per Day

Trading Rewards for Buyers and Sellers (Since 2023 Nov 7th)

  • 190,000.00 X2Y2 are reserved for sellers;
  • 10,000.00 X2Y2 are reserved for buyers;
  • 424,902.80 X2Y2 are reserved for future usage.

Trading Rewards for Buyers and Sellers (Since 2022 Oct 5th)

Rewards for sellers are decreased to 380,000.00 X2Y2 per day.

  • 380,000.00 X2Y2 are reserved for sellers;
  • 20,000.00 X2Y2 are reserved for buyers;
  • 224,902.80 X2Y2 are reserved for future usage.

Trading Rewards for Buyers and Sellers (Since 2022 May 14th)


The reward campaign is planned to run for 31 days, and rules may change during the campaign.


Rules for Rewards for Buyers is updated since May 21st.

All sales generate both trading rewards for sellers and rewards for buyers.

  • 604,902.80 X2Y2 are reserved for sellers;
  • 20,000.00 X2Y2 are reserved for buyers.

Trading Rewards for Sellers

Rewards are calculated based on the actual paid fee for the transaction, paid back to the seller.

The reward for a single NFT is NOT limited.

TradingRewardsSeller=UserTradingFeeTotalTradingFeeOfAllDailyTrades×604,902.8X2Y2\large{Trading Rewards}_{\boldsymbol{Seller}} = \frac{User Trading Fee}{Total Trading Fee Of All Daily Trades} \times \boldsymbol{604,902.8 X2Y2}

Rewards for Buyers

Buyers receive points for each purchase they made on X2Y2 daily as follows:

RewardsBuyer=UserDailyPointsTotalDailyPointsofAllUsers×20,000X2Y2\large{Rewards}_{\boldsymbol{Buyer}} = \frac{User Daily Points}{Total Daily Points of All Users} \times \boldsymbol{20,000 X2Y2}

How are Points Calculated

  • Only purchases with price no less than 0.01 ETH get points.
  • For buyers that do not hold an AYOR NFT, each purchase equals 1 points.
  • For non-ILO AYOR NFT (#1000-9999) holders, each purchase equals 2 points.
  • For ILO AYOR NFT (#0-999) holders, each purchase equals 4 points.
  • Each buyer address can get no more than 20 points per day.

When are Points Distributed

Buyers will receive points within 10 minutes after purchases are made.

Each user’s total points will be converted to X2Y2 rewards at the end of the day.

How are Rewards Distributed

Both trading rewards for sellers and buyers are calculated and distributed together at 00:00 am UTC the next day, and become claimable on the Trading Rewards page at around 03:00 am UTC.

Trading Rewards for Sales (May 1st ~ May 13th)

Trading Rewards start on May 1st 2022. The trading fee rate is set to 0.5% for all existing and new listings. All sales on are given X2Y2 rewards based on the fee paid.

  • Everyday's total rebate value is fixed at 624,902.80 X2Y2 (diverted from Gas Rebate), distributed to all sales in the day.
  • Rewards are calculated based on the actual paid fee for the transaction, paid back to the seller.
  • The reward for a single NFT is NOT limited.


TradingRewardsX2Y2=UserTradingFeeTotalTradingFeeOfAllDailyTrades×624,902X2Y2\large{Trading Rewards}_{\boldsymbol{X2Y2}} = \frac{User Trading Fee}{Total Trading Fee Of All Daily Trades} \times \boldsymbol{624,902 X2Y2}

Gas Rebate for Sales (April 1st ~ 30th)

Gas rebate starts at April 1th 2022. All sales on are given X2Y2 rebates for the gas expenses.

  • Everyday's total rebate value is fixed at 624,902.80 X2Y2 (diverted from Listing Reward), distributed to all sales in the day.
  • Rebate is calculated based on the actual spent gas for the purchase transaction.
    • For transactions including multiple NFTs on X2Y2 and other marketplaces, only items sold via X2Y2 are counted.
  • The gas rebate for a single NFT will be limited to 5% of its sale price.
  • The gas price will be fixed at 50 gwei.
  • Sales from other platforms or smart contracts will not be included.
  • If your sale is from an aggregator, please confirm with them how the rebates will be handled. Sales from Gem/Genie will be included.

NFT Listing Rewards (Ended at March 31st)

You could preview the estimated rewards on the listing popup when setting the listing price for your items.

Listing Rewards Estimated

The Listing Rewards Calculation Algorithm V1

The complete calculation formula is as follows:

ListingRewardsNFT=ListingScoreListingScore×K1\large{Listing Rewards}_{\boldsymbol{NFT}} = \frac{ListingScore}{\sum{ListingScore}} \times \boldsymbol{K_1}

The above formula is deprecated in V2 algorithm.

ListingScore=max(LastPriceNFTFloorPriceCollection)×PNFT×MultiplierListingScore = max\dbinom{LastPrice_{NFT}}{FloorPrice_{Collection}} \times \boldsymbol{P_{NFT}} \times Multiplier


  • K1 is Staking Reward Per Block for NFT Listing
  • P is the probability that an NFT gets sold, calculated by factors like:
    • The recent trading frequency within the collection.
    • The difference between an NFT's listed price and its previous price, and the collection's floor price.
    • Is X2Y2 marketplace approval revoked? (P will be 0 if revoked)
    • Is the NFT part of a blue-chip collection?
    • Has the NFT been listed for a long time but still unsold?
  • Multiplier is 1 in for most verified collections. Time-limited boosts will be added to projects that help and advocate the platform.

V2 Algorithm (2022.03.13)

In the V2 algorithm, we made two changes:

  1. As the total rewards distributed evey day no longer needs to equal the daily emission, listing rewards for single listing is decided by the score and a fixed rate, until the total rewards reaches the daily emission.
ListingRewardsNFT=ListingScoreNFT×RateScoreToX2Y2Listing Rewards_{\boldsymbol{NFT}} = ListingScore_{\boldsymbol{NFT}} \times Rate_{\overrightarrow{ScoreToX2Y2}}
  1. Refined the P parameter in the calculation formula as follows:
P=ScorecollectionTotalItems×(1+PriceFloor)×DurationP = \frac{Score_{collection}}{TotalItems \times (1 + Price - Floor) \times Duration}
Scorecollection=ListingsX2Y2TotalItems×(1+VolumeX2Y2)×VolumeOS×SalesOSTotalMarketVolumeScore_{collection} = \frac{Listings_{X2Y2}}{TotalItems} \times \frac{(1 + Volume_{X2Y2}) \times Volume_{OS} \times Sales_{OS}}{TotalMarketVolume}

In this formula, the parameters below are considered positive factors:

  • The actual listings and sales count on X2Y2;
  • The actual volume and sales on OpenSea in the past 1 and 7 days;

And the following are considered negative factors:

  • Total items count, especially when it's more than 20k;
  • The distance between listing price and floor price(the floor price will soon be replaced by a rarity based floor price);
  • The duration since listed. it applies positive impact during the first two days and then becomes negative gradually as the listings do not get sold.

For Listings with changed prices Scores will be calculated since the first day listed based on the listed duration for each price.

Collection Score

To make it easy for users to find the most valued collections for listing reward, we extract a Collection Score from the listing reward algorithm to display beside each collection's description, on the collection page.

Collection Score

As indicated by the formula above, the score is calculated based on:

  • The actual listings count on X2Y2 compared to the total minted amount and listed amount of the collection on OpenSea;
  • The actual volume on X2Y2, compared to its listings count on X2Y2;
  • The average sales and volume on OpenSea in the past 1 and 7 days;

The collection score ranges from 0 to 150. For example, a collection with 10k items, 1500 ETH daily vol and 700 daily sales is likely to have a 130~150 score, while another collection with same numbers but only 200 ETH daily vol will have a 40~60 score, based on its listing count and sales on X2Y2.

Please be noticed that the Collection Score algorithm is only designed for Collectible collections. For other crypto commodities (e.g. ENS), as their NFTs' values are not closely related to the collection itself, relatively low scores will be given as the collection score for the moment.

Rewards Calculation and Cap

The final rewards for each listing would be its listing score multiplied by a rate (e.g. 20, then a listing with 1 score means 1×20=201 \times 20 = 20 X2Y2), and limited to be no more than its floor price's market fee (2% of the floor price at the moment).

When the total distributed rewards reach the daily emission cap, the rate will be adjusted to a lower value.

Sale Bonus

For every sold listing, a sale bonus will be added when distributing rewards, to encourage legit trading behaviors on X2Y2. Therefore both the seller and the buyer will receive a rebate for the fee paid to X2Y2.

Reward Calculation Feedback

If you found the actual rewards for your listings seems to be miscalculated, e.g. numbers differ greatly from the latest calculation algorithm described above, please send us a mail at here and describe your issue in the format below:

  • Your wallet address;
  • A Link to the listed item that might be miscalculated;
  • Describe why you think it's miscalculated.