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Airdrop to OpenSea Users


The Airdrop to OpenSea users ends at April 1th. The unclaimed tokens are permanently locked in the contract.

12% of total supply (120,000,000 X2Y2) is dedicated to the airdrop.

All 861,417 users who have traded on OpenSea's smart contract from day 1 to Ethereum Block #13916166 (first block of 2022) are eligible for the airdrop.

Due to technical difficulties, those who bought and sold through other smart contracts are not included.

How are Airdrop Rewards Calculated

TierVolume (ETH)Rewards to Claim Per Wallet (X2Y2)Total Rewards in Tier (X2Y2)
Whale>= 301,00041,592,000
People< 30Wallet Vol / (Total Vol - Whale Vol)78,408,000

Pre-requisite to Claim Airdrop

Listing an amount of NFTs is the pre-requisite for claiming X2Y2 tokens. Higher claimable X2Y2 amount requires more NFTs or collections have to be listed.

You can choose to either listing any amount from a required number of collections, or listing a required amount of NFTs regardless of the listed collections count.

Airdrop AmountCollections to ListNFTs to List
>= 1,000550
>= 800440
>= 600430
>= 400320
>= 200315
>= 100210
>= 5025
< 5011

X2Y2 supports listing multiple NFTs at one time to save time.