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How to earn listing rewards?

Listing popular NFTs with reasonable prices on X2Y2 is eligible to earn X2Y2 rewards. For more information about the listing rewards rules and algorithm, please read the docs here.

What NFT collections are eligible for listing rewards?

Rewards are calculated based on the collection and the price you list. A collection with a high score is more likely to receive higher listing rewards, while low score collections could barely receive any rewards.

You could check the score of each collection on its collection page.

Collection Score

Can I know how many rewards I could receive before listing?

Yes. To check the estimated rewards, you need to follow the sell guide to open the listing popup.

Then, click on the price field and type a price you are willing to sell.

A popover will appear over the number you typed and shows how many rewards it could be.

Listing Rewards Estimated

Please be noticed that the estimated value is calculated based on the data from the previous day. As the vol and floor price change, the actual rewards vary every day.

Where can I claim my listing rewards?

You can check your rewards at here. Rewards are calculated based on daily snapshots taken at 00:00 UTC, and expire after 14 days.