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Lend ETH and Earn Interest

Full flow of lending ETH on X2Y2

X2Y2 allows individual lenders to send loan offers either to an entire collection or to a single NFT.

A loan offer includes the following terms:

  • Loan value. The amount of ETH that the lender is willing to lend.
  • Repayment value. The amount of ETH that the borrower has to repay, consisting the amount borrowed and interest.
  • Duration. The amount of time the borrower could take to pay off the loan.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The annual cost of a loan to a borrower, including interest and fees, expressed as a percentage. It's used to measure how much interest will accrue on the loan value.
  • Expire time. The offer invalidates after its expiration time.

Borrowers could accept your offer at any time and establish a loan with you instantly.


You can send multiple loan offers to a collection or a single item at the same time, as long as their durations are different, which can greatly improve the utilization of your ETH funds.

Collections Whitelist

Only a limited set of whitelisted collections are open to loan offers at the moment. This is because we want to avoid those collections with high volatility that are more likely to result in lender losses.

If you are the owner of a collection, you could contact us to add your collection to the whitelist.

Fee Rate

X2Y2 charges 0% fee for both borrowers and lenders at the moment.

Make Loan Offers

Make offer button

You can offer to a collection on the collection page by clicking the Make Loan Offer button, or offer to a single NFT on the NFT detail page.

Make loan offer

Before making offers, keep in mind that when the NFT Loan gets accepted by a borrower, it will:

  • Send an amount of ETH that you approved from your wallet to the borrower.
  • Lock the borrower's NFT in the contract as collateral.
  • Allow you to obtain the NFT collateral if the borrower fails to pay off the loan before due time.

Manage Your Offers & Loans

You can browse your valid offers and ongoing loans under the Loans tab on your Profile page.

My loan list

Repay & Default

If the borrower repays the loan any time before the due time, the NFT will be transferred back to the borrower, and the repayment ETH minus the platform fee (which is 0% now) will be transferred to you.

However, if the borrower defaults the loan (fail to repay in due time), you can find the loan listed as Defaulted under the Previous Loans tab as the image above shows. You can then click the Redempt button to claim the NFT to your wallet since you've become the sole owner of the NFT and the loan can no longer be repaid via X2Y2.